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Fursdon Farm Moving On in 2021

Looking back                     Looking out                       Moving Forward!

Well here we are in 2021 and Springs not too far around the corner. Well maybe?

So just a quick look back at the goings on at Fursdon Farm during 2020. Following the wettest February on record we were still on track to open on the 1st of April. Toilets and showers freshly painted and our Shepherds Hut spruced up and treated inside and out. 

Fencing repaired and new fire points installed etc.

Then along came Lockdown! On the exact same day, the weather changed to the sunniest spring on record. So, the grass was cut. Then cut again and again. But still no one came! Version one of Government guidance was digested as were subsequent updates and changes made accordingly. Including the installation of new equipment in the toilet blocks.

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From Sea to Moor - Ninio Visits

A few weeks ago, we had an unexpected visitor turn up in the form of a beautiful white cat who we now know to be an Arabic Mau with the name of Ninio. It came flying out of the building where we leave food and water for our cats Billy, Milly and Sox and disappeared across the camp site.

Our own cats were not amused by this new visitor and decided to stay indoors. The visitor disappeared for a few days but then appeared again. By now the weather had turned very cold and it seemed he had found a nice cosy spot to sleep in the hay

A neighbour said that “Snowy” as he was now being called to reflect the weather had been at their property for a few days before disappearing. A few weeks had gone by and he seemed to be making a home for himself, but at the same time giving the impression that he really wanted to be elsewhere. A sensible approach perhaps with the weather getting even colder. We were concerned.

Very friendly and talkative he was clearly used to living in doors and from his condition when he arrived had been clearly well cared for; but very wary of us!

Ringing around neighbours and community social media identified a couple of suspects but when owners checked they were safely at home.

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Winter Maintenance 2019/20

The site is closed until April but work doesn't stop. Though there are no major projects planned , such as last season's new hard standing pitches, regular maintenance is still an essential part of running a camp site. A critical part of this is trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Now that we are outside of the bird nesting season and the hedges have finished fruiting, our road hedges have just been trimmed by a professional contractor. There's much more to it than just sitting in a tractor cab!

A typical Cornish hedge is a hybrid between a stone wall and an earth bank. It has an earth core, faced each side with local stone, usually tapered with an inward curve from the base to half-way up, with the top being half the width of the bottom. This is vital for the stability of the hedge structure.

We don't trim all of our hedges. Some within the site are deliberately left to act as shelter and provide a habitat for our wildlife.

Only doing essential trimming allows wildlife to survive in the untrimmed areas and to recolonise before the next cut.

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December Bike Ride

Just got back from a Saturday morning cycle around St Cleer Parish. Only 10 miles but plenty of gradient!

Whilst Eddy Merckx the Tour De France winner suggestion don't buy upgrades ride up grades probably still holds good for the super fit, maybe it's no wonder that our local farm shop and cafe Trevallicks does such a good trade in E bike hire!

Anyway a steady climb through Tremar and St Cleer to the top at Minions and back across Foredown. Pretty foggy up here today with the sheep coming out of the mist but still a great ride.

Cornwall provides some tremendous opportunities for cyclists of all types and experience and we have been a popular venue for cycle tourers for many years. As well as hot showers we can provide wash down facilities for your cycle, undercover storage and access to local cycle dealers if you encounter any technical difficulties. Most importantly a friendly welcome at the end of what will probably have been a tough day!

Each year Fursdon Farm has been a regular stop for many brave souls participating in Le Jog ( Lands End to John O'Groats) Or the End to End as some call it in addition to a number of other endurance routes.

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