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From Sea to Moor - Ninio Visits

A few weeks ago, we had an unexpected visitor turn up in the form of a beautiful white cat who we now know to be an Arabic Mau with the name of Ninio. It came flying out of the building where we leave food and water for our cats Billy, Milly and Sox and disappeared across the camp site.

Our own cats were not amused by this new visitor and decided to stay indoors. The visitor disappeared for a few days but then appeared again. By now the weather had turned very cold and it seemed he had found a nice cosy spot to sleep in the hay

A neighbour said that “Snowy” as he was now being called to reflect the weather had been at their property for a few days before disappearing. A few weeks had gone by and he seemed to be making a home for himself, but at the same time giving the impression that he really wanted to be elsewhere. A sensible approach perhaps with the weather getting even colder. We were concerned.

Very friendly and talkative he was clearly used to living in doors and from his condition when he arrived had been clearly well cared for; but very wary of us!

Ringing around neighbours and community social media identified a couple of suspects but when owners checked they were safely at home.

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