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Fursdon Farm Moving On in 2021

Looking back                     Looking out                       Moving Forward!

Well here we are in 2021 and Springs not too far around the corner. Well maybe?

So just a quick look back at the goings on at Fursdon Farm during 2020. Following the wettest February on record we were still on track to open on the 1st of April. Toilets and showers freshly painted and our Shepherds Hut spruced up and treated inside and out. 

Fencing repaired and new fire points installed etc. Safety at Fursdon Farm

Then along came Lockdown! On the exact same day, the weather changed to the sunniest spring on record. So, the grass was cut. Then cut again and again. But still no one came! Version one of Government guidance was digested as were subsequent updates and changes made accordingly. Including the installation of new equipment in the toilet blocks.

Following a risk assessment, we decided to go ahead with opening on the 4th of July but only accepting pre bookings.

Together with new signage and cleaning schedules this aCommunity Firstllowed us to control access and stay on top of caring for customers who had taken the trouble to plan their visit.

The early stages of lockdown saw pressures on both public services and essential retail supplies by unplanned visits which gave rise to community concerns in some parts of Cornwall.

So, apologies to those who we had to turn away last year but the experiences of 2020 were, well what can we say, different!

Even with our toilets and showers closed we were pleasantly surprised to see how customers quickly adjusted. In particular the resurgence of toilet tents was the loo of choice for many of our new camping customers. Later localised tiering meant the cancellation of holidays. Sometimes with less than 24 hours’ notice. Without exception, all of our regular visitors affected in this way immediately contacted us to cancel, rather than us having to get in touch. Thank you for being so thoughtful folks. You know who you are and will always be welcome here at Fursdon.

Feedback also suggested visitors were less concerned that some of Cornwall’s major attractions were closed. Rather it seemed they just valued the peace and quiet that our unique part of Cornwall offers and were grateful to get away in the fresh air to relax and stay safe.

The amazing roll out of the new vaccines and the impact of the lockdown seems to be bringing a new sense of optimism. Here in Cornwall it's not only the visit of the worlds G7 leaders but also what appears to be constant television coverage of life here in the Duchy.New born calf

More importantly for us, whilst “the data” is looking good, we are perhaps more assured by nature’s messages. New born calves and lambs in the fields and displays of spring flowers in the hedgerows.

These really do provide us with a sense of optimism and confidence to welcome back both regular and new customers to Fursdon Farm later this year.

This weeks announcement that we may be allowed to open from the 12th April is encouraging. Though there are still decisions to be made it really does seem that we are now properly moving forward.

Take care everybody. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon.


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